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Join the "Writing with Katherine Crighton" Discord Server

Katherine Crighton

Want access to 20+ years of experience writing, editing, and publishing?

This Spring author, podcaster, and publishing professional Katherine Crighton is teaching a course in writing short fiction using a practical, nuts-and-bolts approach -- and they're opening up the class's dedicated Discord server for a limited number of virtual students.

Become a part of the Katherine Crighton writing community and learn along with others in an online setting with above-and-beyond access to writing advice, feedback, and support, along with:

  • Single-shot talks
  • Workshop-versions of future classes
  • Future guests from in and around publishing
  • Crowd-sourced resources, open submission calls, and general support

A one-time access fee of $10 gets you an invite link to the Discord server. Space is limited -- if you miss this round, sign up for the Irregular Newsletter to hear when registrations re-open!

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You'll get an invite link to the private Discord server for Katherine Crighton's writing classes


Join the "Writing with Katherine Crighton" Discord Server