Submission Tracker Template (xlsx, odf, gdoc)

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Submission Tracker Template (xlsx, odf, gdoc)

Katherine Crighton
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Enjoy this blank template of my own submission tracker, available in .xlsx and .odf file formats! You can also download a .pdf with a link that'll allow you to copy the tracker as a Google spreadsheet. Pay what it's worth to you. :D

The template has 4 main tabs, each with examples demonstrating how to use them:

  • submission list: Track your current submissions

  • reprint list: Track your published fiction that you're trying to resell

  • sales: Move your sold fiction from the submission list tab to the sales tab; copy it over to the reprint tab when you're ready to try selling it again

  • trunked: Something not working? (Or not working right now?) Move it from the submission list tab to the trunked tab so you can keep your data but not have to look at it all the time

Plus! Enjoy two additional tabs, with real data (rather than examples) already filled in:

  • markets: My personal list of magazines, anthologies, etc-- wherever might accept fiction. Add your own markets, notes, and updated info as necessary

  • market listings: Want to know where to find a lot of different markets all in one go? Here's my personal list of market listings, including the classics like Submission Grinder, Duotrope, and more. Add your own listings or update the ones there as necessary

I don't guarantee that my data is up-to-date, or that it's a complete list of everything out there, but it'll give you a head start in creating your own tracker to work smarter, not harder as a professional author.

I want this!

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